Tips for Introducing Irish into your childcare service

A child can pick up a language without ever even noticing that the learning process is taking place.

Therefore the earlier the child hears the Irish language being spoken the better - it becomes a normal part of their lives!

So Let it be Heard!

Include some rhymes, songs and games in Irish in your work programme

Use some regular greetings and phrases in Irish – ie

  • Go raibh maith agat,
  • Slán go fóill,
  • Tá an lá go breá
  • Maith an Bhuachaill/cailín.

Use picture books, wall charts etc to introduce new words.

Give them the Basic numbers and colours in Irish.

Have a few Irish Language CDs in your library

Use it when you can with parents, colleagues etc.

Encourage parents to use it with their children.

For useful phrases try Basic Irish for Parents

For more information try :