Reviewing your existing policies

It is essential that your service reviews and monitors all your policies and procedures regularly. This helps you to learn from experience and as your service grows and evolves, your client’s needs might change, therefore should your policies and procedures. As policies and procedures are used daily you need to continually review them.

Things that may require you to change your policies and procedures are:

  • Changes in legislations relevant to childcare
  • Other mandatory updates/amendments (ECCE, CCS Scheme etc.)
  • Request from parents or staff
  • Service developments that involves a change in structure and therfore impacts current policies.

How to review policies and procedures

  • Annually review your policies and procedures
  • Undertake analysis of the appropriateness of your policies and procedures for the service you are providing
  • It is a Manager's/ committee members' responsibility to ensure policies and procedures are reviewed and are amended/updated.
  • Staff meeting agenda should include on its agenda ‘review of policies and procedures on regular basis.
  • Agree a process for informing all staff and parents of any new policies and procedures and any updates to existing once.

Policy templates

  • Child Protection Policy
  • Behaviour management
  • Curriculum Planning

All example policies are adapted from Barnardos ‘Practical Guide to developing Childcare Policies’ by Marie Willoughby 2008.


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