What to look for in a quality Childcare service

Step 4

Settling in your child and making that transition to childcare successful

  • Talk to your child about the new arrangements, and let them know about the routine and what they will be doing.
  • Tell your child the names of the childcare provider and staff members.
  • Arrange a time to visit the childcare centre – familiarise your child with the place, the programme, the routine, the space and the other children attending. Give your child time to play, and give them time to settle. This may take more than one visit depending on the child and the parent!
  • Talk to the childcare provider about their likes/ dislikes, sleeping and eating habits.
  • Share information with the provider if the child had a restless night, isn’t feeling well, didn’t eat their breakfast, wanting to wear sun hat instead of their fleece hat with zero temperatures outside.
  • Share with the staff if any changes are happening in the child’s life –moving houses, new brother or sister – granny coming to visit – visit to the doctor, as this can affect how the child behaves at the service.
  • Discuss regularly with the childcare provider your child's progress and any concerns you may have about your child.
  • Be punctual when picking up your child, call let the service know if you are going to be late. The service may have a late collection policy that involves payment for late pick-up.
  • Talk to your child about their day at childcare.

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