What to look for in a quality Childcare service

Step 1

Starting out

Quality childcare is built on co -operation and trust and leads to rewarding relationships involving you the parents, your child and the childcare provider. A quality childcare arrangement has childcare providers who nurture children’s development and provide an environment that can be identified by the following factors:

  • Has a happy, relaxed atmosphere
  • Ensures children are well supervised, safe and secure
  • Demonstrates positive behaviour guidance
  • Is well planned and inviting
  • Promotes children’s self esteem and independence
  • Offers age appropriate stimulating activities that help children learn and grow
  • Is clean, healthy and comfortable
  • Has quiet space for rest or sleep
  • Offers a range of books, creative materials
  • Has an outdoor play area
  • Encourages parents to become involved in their children’s care

You can recognise quality childcare by looking for these indicators in the setting and the staff that will nurture the well being of your children and by asking questions to ensure that you will feel confident that your child will be well cared for.

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